It’s different


I have searched the web for inspiration. Somehow I know I have to shoot my little Louise to share pics with my family and friends. But I did not find anything that I fancied. Not that the shots were bad. No, it’s just I did not get involved. Go figure…

So I tried to do something different : those pics show the softness and the fragility of baby. I went for the loud baby’s scream ! And God it can be loud. Unbelievable how such a tiny body can produce decibel. I went for hard light and high contrasts. The light source is a Elinchrom with a snoot with no grid on it. That’s it. I metered the light with my sekonic. I focussed on the closest eye and disabled the autofocus. At ƒ11 I knew my depth of field would be good enough so I could compose without having to refocus between two frames.

I only sharpened the picture, so it is almost out of cam. Which I like because it saves you time.

More to come…


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