It’s inspired by Vampire’s Diaries

It’s inspired by Vampire’s Diaries.

Vamps Vampire vampires BlutsaugerI like supernatural stuff and back in the days I already wanted to shoot vampires stuff. But most of the shots I could find in the internet were (and still are actually) too obvious.

I started with with this one : a composite of 2 shots. I only changed their eyes and the roof of the room to make it creepy somehow.

Then I thought it would be cool to see a woman, a female victim not scared, maybe even in love with her vampire. And we came up with this one. Another composite done at a time I had almost no clue of Phvampire 2 Norma with Schall  -  cadreeotoshop!

Then I wanted to shoot a sexy vampire.


But the real thrill is this. do they exist? And if yes the scary thing is that maybe it’s just the guy next to you and you have never noticed it. But, even worse : what if vampires are a kind of Mister Jeckill and Mister Hide ? What if you are one and you do not know it… What if you kill for blood in a kind of day-sleep-thing? That’s what my last shot is about.

Its look has something from the 20ies mute movies. An old version of Dracula pushed in the future…



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