My boots

Years ago, as my wife and I were spending a week in Paris, we came into a shop known for its discounts and its good deals on clothes and shoes. It’s on the rue de Rivoli. Anyway, I saw those Marlboro boots made of crocodile’s leather and I could not resist… And got them for 200€.

Setting in my new boots was quiete difficult, I size 43 and they are 43. But they are tight and it was a real deal of pain to set into them. So, I wore them 2 or 3 times and I gave up since 5 minutes per foot is simply too long. But I could not get rid of them. So they spent a few years in the darkness waiting for getting sold… One day.

Man with boots and tiesAs I was talking to a colleague of mine, he smiled at me and seamed interested in buying them, interested enough to say ” Hey, Marc, why don’t you bring them. I will have a look and if it fits my feet, I’ll buy them!” Deal! But his feet are to long for my boots…

I am having a diet. Since December, I have lost 12kg. And for fun, as he was disappointed for not  buying them, I told him”You know what? Maybe my feet are less fat now that I’ve lost some weight, maybe they suit me now! 🙂 ”

Back home, I tried. An believe it or not, but they now do. I thought I had to make a picture im remembrance of this story.

Go figure….. ????

One strip-softbox (Elinchrom 90x30cm) camera right aiming down at me at a 30° angle.
A white reflector camera left to rim the boots.
Shot at f14 with a sekonic 758d aiming at the light source.

Editing achieved in NIK Color Efex Pro + CC for the vignette.


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