It’s Sunday, the day for the post without any agenda nor special topic :-)

Hi everyone!

The 3 last weeks have been some kind of busy. Busy in the sense that as a no pro-photographer, my time, my free time is a very pricy thing. And its value raised even more than ever since my parents paid us a visit to come see my newly born and my teenaged daughters. Hat off : they are 81 and 88 and still enough good in shape to travel. Last week I flew twice to France, and you can imagine I had no time for shooting, blogging or editing.

But when you have family visiting you you have to take pictures.

unbenannt-211-Bearbeitet Kopie

This composition works pretty well. Notice the line Grandfather –> Arm –> Grandmother toward the baby –> Baby looking back to Grandmother, her arm aiming at Grandfather. The white background is a white curtain lit by a bare strobe from behind. Camera left stands a 1,2 x 2 meter silver reflector. I played a little with the lightmeter and went for a highkey look. Processed in Alienskin Exposure 7 (= sharpness + contrasts).

More of them at my Flickr Gallery.

more to come…


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