Quick set up !

Selfportrait EX1

Many of us have not a lot of time to spend with photography since we are hobbiest (like me) or pros running from an assignment to another at a racy pace. The shot above was done in 15 minutes.

The prop: my guitar and an amp. Enough for a short story.
The model: me. Bad for the expression but easy to convince to shoot! 🙂
The light: it’s natural light. Behind me there is a huge window with a white curtain.
The light adjustment : not even a test shot. Thanks to Frank Doorhof, I have learned how to use a lightmeter.

So? How did I metered the light?


I first metered the light behind me aiming my light-meter toward the curtain. It gave me ISO400 – S1/500 – ƒ4,5
Now, knowing that 2 stop above a correct exposure you have a total white, I simply needed to set my camera at least 2 steps below. I did that by reducing my speed since I am not working with strobes. Done. And the result was pretty predictable.

I shot with my ex1. A great cam but not for self-protraiture (it works but it’s boring since I had to walk to the cam after each frame. If you know a way to fix this, please let me know). And not for strobes shots neither by the way. Anyway, I could check the measurement in the lcd display. And it was correct !

more to come…


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