It’s… Ohh! It’s already Sunday!!!

Hey gang!

I have been very busy last week, but I am back from France and I should have more time for my blog so stay tuned !  🙂

Psycho-Chatter-058-Bearbeitet Kopie

I have had the idea of this shot for months.

Actually, I have to say it was not MY idea, I saw this composition many times. One of the best version I have been lucky to see is a version of Joe McNally as he shot RC Conception. And the idea to shoot a guy with lit by a laptop started that day.

I am not a fan of photoshop to create special effects as it is the case here. But when it comes down to serve the purpose, I have no problem to go for it, at least to give it a try.

I am working on a project TABLE. I shoot in a very tiny room and my goal is to create nice looking pictures, each of them has to tell a story. unbenannt-192The second item or element of this shot is a topic I love because I thing it’s fascinating. It’s this very little thing that makes the difference between a normal man and and sick soul. Psychopaths are like that. They have a normal life, most of the time since only a side of personality is not working properly.

Last year I read a book called “Confessions of Sociopath” written by E. Thomas, a woman who’s one of them. It was more interesting than MAD MAN and WALKING DEAD together and I could not let fall this book out of my hands. With the not so cool effect that I was seeing sociopaths all around me… Pretty scary.

But my point is this, this little difference with big consequences fascinates me. And psychological disorders are a way I want to explore… Photographically only needless to say.

So I combined the two projects into one : Tables and Psychological disorders and this picture is the first of the 8 or 10 that survived my selection.

This one is the one I have selected for the DEDPXL09 assignment. The others are too obvious. But will be coming soon.

3 lights
1 Elinchrom for the table with no gel: it’s a gridded beauty-Dish.
1 Speedlight (I don’t like them but I needed a small light source) behind the screen aiming at me with a blue gel on it
1 Elinchrom with a standard light modifier generally used for background with a darker blue gel on it.

Combining the ratios was a little tricky but I solved it as I gridded the BD. My enemy is that each light influenced the others. By separating them, it worked fast and good.


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