I want to shoot more and more on location.

The raisons being are :

I love to be outside. I love to compose my shots with elements you can not bring into a studio. Like a shop. A street. Or a garden with a little house. I am not drawn to beautyshots. In fact I love to create a shot and it is easier outside because the backgrounds serving the purpose are already existing, waiting for you to get shot!

So, I bought the Elinchrom Quadra and 4 Speedites. Yongnuo 560 Mark III. They are really cheap. Today I share a few shots done with them.

Marc & His Guitar

This one was shot this afternoon (5.2.2015) in the garden. There is no sun actually. The weather is cloudy. I like self-portraiture because it teaches me to do the all shoot. I am not especially a fan of my appearance but I am available as soon as I decide to be it. No need of a TFP-Contract or whatever and I always agree with my ideas. I also always show up on time. Try to get this at Modelmayhem for free!  🙂

This is a 2 lights setup. Camera right a bare SL gelled (for the sunset feel) aims down at me. Down camera left a SL aims up at the roses and create some shadows on the wall. I fired the camera with an IR-Remote.

Ulli and the tree

3 SL: One fires thru an umbrella, this is my main light, a soft light for the face of my wife. A second SL camera left rims her shape and a third one backlights the flowers in the tree.


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