A flight over the garden

Flying Man (selfie) In The Garden

Since I was a kid, I could not figure why people love to spend so much time in their garden. I have been thinking a while since then. And as I turned 45 this year, it’s been a long time, and I guess the answer is actually that I always had better things to do.

While other kids in neighborhood were playing soccer, I had to carry plants for my mum (Mum, don’t get mad! I would do it again if I had to!) from one spot to another and then back because she changed her mind. It happened a few times… And every time I gave a try to make some gardening, it has been a waisted time : flowers died, trees never grew. Hum… I killed several banzais and other vegetal which were supposed to survive at least when parents went away for the weekends…

I live in a nice house with a garden run by my wife. She is the Queen, the garden is her Land and guess what! I carry plants from one spot to another and then back. Isn’t it funny how life turns out to be?

We have a deal : she takes care of the garden, I just take care of the lawn. That’s a man’s thing: You don’t need to be patient, you immediately see the results! You use a machine! It even has an engine and runs with gazoline! So great!!! So twice a week I mow the lawn which provides the satisfaction we all know when we achieve something important you can be proud of. And secretly I want to have a lawn as good the Brits do! But shut! Don’t be so loud, Pete Glogiewicz could hear me and he would pull my leg I guess! 🙂

Thru the years, I have developed a great ability of mowing the lawn. Sometimes I run. Some other times I just walk or jump. But when I am happy, I simply prefer to fly! I wonder why nobody does it because you are so much faster and this is so much fun.

Well, anyway, this is a three lights setup. From Left to the right:

1 speed lite camera left aiming at me and simulating a bulb on the wall. Its purpose is to separate the main subject from the background. I think you call it a rime light in English.

Speed lite number 2 is in the house. It’s gelled with a CTO to mimic a tungsten bulb and to avoid black windows. It gives more depth to the picture.

My last speed lite is my main light. It is set on a tripod which is maybe one meter high (as high as my belly). It is aiming at a huge golden reflector which become a big light source.

In LR I darkened the door and in NIK-software I tinted the shot. That’s it. No levitation photoshop tricks, I just jumped 50 times (I am still feeling it) and almost ruined my back!

more to come…


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