It’s about flowers and what it takes to make a great shot.

Flowers are not my thing!// post today. This is the story of guy who loves taking pictures who suddenly experiences the emptiness of its creativity. When no idea crosses my mind, I just take pictures of nice looking subjects in the hope to deliver their beauty to the viewers. Like this one. This leads me to my next question : what does make a great shot? We are literally bombed with perfect pictures. But which are the ones which are great ? My opinion is that sharpness, colors, gear, contrasts, etc… are, at the end of the day not important. What matters it emotion. But who am I ? A nothing in the photog’s world and there are so many gifted guys out there like… Frank Doorhof, Regina Pagels, Raphael Hainaut, Carmen Kronspiess, and Joe McNally. Joe is a worldwide photog, so I thought I ask him. And, he mailed back : check yourself guys and have a nice weekend: Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-21 um 17.39.20

More to come…





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