How To Shoot (with a cam) your Family with Quadra from Elinchrom

Ulli + Louise

Today’s blog post is an how-to post and not a personal thought message. Although I would recommend to all of us to shoot also your relatives. I am sure your wives from times to times just say: “Humm… I don’t know. Your Hard Drive is full with pictures of me, I’m not in the mood today… blablabla…!”

Sounds familiar ?

Here is the thing guys : just pretend it to be shoot of your kids and you need someone to hold (s)he or them… Trick’s done and works like charm. Somehow the word KID is compelling. 🙂

In this case, it worked. This time again.

OK, let’s go to the story behind the picture:

I wanted something really simple. My wife holding Louise in a very soft light. Nothing more, nothing less. What I needed was background. I have realized that a green background creates a lovely contrast with he red/pink of the skin and this is where I thought about the little garden’s house of my parent’s in law.

A look at the sky : a bit cloudy, very cool so you have consistent light with no burned spots. Just in case I decided to take a diffuser, just in case the sun would show up. This happened to have been a great idea, since Mister sun played hide and sick during the shoot. And Louise’s grand-father had to hold it almost all the time.

I took my Quadra and used only one light. As a light diffuser there is only a Joe McNally reflector used as light diffuser too. It’s set on a C-Stand. The Quadra shoots thru it.

My Camera ? Fuji Ex1.

I metered the light with a Sekonic.




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