Two years and 2 months and… a baby later !

2 years, 2 months and a baby later, my wife was curious to know if her wedding dresses still suits her. Or let’s put it another way : “Do I still look good in the dress or am I too fat and do I look like an oversized muffin?”


At this point, as a husband, you have be very careful. No lies! Be diplomatic and think twice before you even dare to open up your mouth.

But I was sure it would be fine, and so it was. This shot was just a snapshot but it happened to be a good one. I knew the light would be nice : the window is a huge source of light and there was no sunbeams direct thru it. And as far as I remember the sky was pretty much cloudy. Anyway, sometimes you have to get lucky to get the shot. Sometimes you struggle like crazy and nothing comes. A bit of contrasts and more light on her face in Photoshop, done.

At this point I realized I shot in Jpeg. Funny, I almost never shoot Jpegs since RAW files gathers so much more information you may need later on while editing and retouching. And I have been thinking about jpeg vs. RAW.

When I shoot with strobes, I never shoot TTL. I use Elinchrom strobes and the TTL feature is not available. Hotshoe-flashes? I am not a fan of them, they overheat too often. I meter the light with a light meter and I do know my exposure is perfect on the spot I meter. So, in this case, do I need all the information? Sometimes yes, probably. But I don’t see it as a MUST any longer. I tend to think it depends on the subject. When struggling with complicated light setup, I go RAW. Because I will need all the subtle nuances to get some details which would be destroyed thru the Jpeg-compression. When I shoot fast stuff, I need the cam to save the data very fast. That’s what Jpegs are good at. But you need to be very accurate exposure wise.

Ok guys, have a good week !

more to come…

Shot with a Fuji EX-1 (as good as Leica in my opinion, but only adapted for slow subjects). No flashes. Iso 200, ƒ 3,6, S 1/40 – 20mm (perspective retouched in LR 2015 CC)

Two Years, 2 Months and a baby later...


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