Planing The Shoot

Hi guys!

Yesterday was a little sad day since the wind decided to blow, making my shooting impossible to take place. At least it would have been very complicated the risk to see my umbrella fly away.

When I elaborate or design a shoot, I try to have a pretty good idea of how it should look like. Now, this being said, I know my picture will be different from the picture I see in my mind. Putting things on paper enables me to think in terms of light and composition. I would say It’s a starting point from where to build on.

So here it is :

The idea of the shoot

So, if the wind stays away, I will shoot in 2 or 3 hours depending on how fast I am to build the setup and this will brings a few things with this : will I have enough ambiant light or do I have to create a surrounding one ? Let’s see what happens…

Stay tuned, I will uploads shots of the making of this in the next blogpost.

more to come…

PS: If you are looking for pictures on TFP Basis and you are in Vienna, contact me.


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