When I was nineteen…

A long long time ago, when I was nineteen I remember a very afternoon when I met a girl I used to know.

This girl was not just any girl. Before we lost contact she happened to be someone very special to me. You can figure what I mean. Anyway, we lost contact and a few years after, we met in quartier latin, Paris on this very afternoon I mentioned before. Needless to say i was nervous and totally excited. And as always, when you want something too much, you become just a ridiculous clown and you say things to impress you actually don’t really mean or they just sound just not right at the moment. I was just not confident.Talking about the future I told her I wanted to become a rich business man smoking cigars. It only took me one second to realize how stupid it was, but… too late.

Almost 20 years later I remember that afternoon and I have to admit I failed.

I failed being a rich business man. I am not rich. I can’t complain but there is no Jaguar or Ferrari in my garage. I am a salesman and that’s very much OK : I fly back to my country on regularly basis and my job is interesting. But I also failed about the cigar thing. I don’t smoke cigars. Not even cigarets. And I have also set myself other goals in life besides the money and smoking things.

But she’ll never know.

That’s the story of this shot.

More to come…

Man smoking cigar


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