The final result

Not my best shot, again, those selfportraitures are mainly a way to learn solving problems. It is all about the learning effects since I don’t consider my self as gifted model.

I encountered many difficulties such as :

1) Why does my remote not work?
2) What do you do when it does not work ?
3) How many second should be enough for the timer ?
4) How to make sure the sharpness
5) Ah… yes, don’t forget to set the AF on Manual
6) What light modifier ? I needed a focused light
7) Is that gel warm enough ?
8) Should I set the cam on cloudy or at K3200?
9) What clothes ?
10) Messy background ?
11) Ratio for blue strobe worked pretty well since the main light does not interfer
12) With or without diffusion panel ? (Without!)
13) Why did i forget to reload my Battery pack!!!!!

Click here to see it on a black screen since the with makes it look darker than it is actually.



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