Take a break ! And here are the 5 reasons why !

Well I could not sleep well last night and I could not find out the reason why.
Then, I started to think about the reason why I am not shooting so much those last weeks. Yes, I have a lot of business trips, yes I spend more time with my daughter. But, I know there is something deeper in this matter.

In the air. Again.

(Shot while boarding as I was on the way to Paris CDG. I love the uniforms they wear at Austrian Airline, I love red. It was shot with a cellphone, a samsung galaxy S4 and I used snapseed for the processing (color temperature) ).

To be honest, I feel I have learnt a lot those past years. Life has its ups and downs and this rule also applies for photography. In fact, I am bit lost.

Who am I as a photographer? Where do I really want to go? Why all this learning process in a hobby that is not the cheapest one?

I hold my Ipad and browsed my pictures, the pictures I have made those last 10 years. Clearly, the technical skills are better, there is no doubt about this. But I realized that the picture I love, are not necessarily the most complicated ones.

I like…

a) Pictures of people I know: friends, neighbors, colleagues…

Louise & Ulli

(Our dear friend Louise (left) who jumped into a plane from NYC to visit us and see our daughter Louise!)

b) I love to create a story, meaning by that the viewers want to know what is happening in the picture. It might be a look. It might be a setup, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that the viewer just stops and looks twice.

Oh my God!!!!

(This picture is shot with a cellphone, the same one I already mentioned above. Technically a poor shot. It’s basically a great picture of my nose. This pic is interesting for only 2 reasons : number 1- You don’t see pictures like this very often. Number 2 – You ask yourself what I am pretending to see.) I guess the fellows around me had to laugh at me as I had to practice my expression several times ! )

unbenannt-11 version 2-Bearbeitet Kopie

(Scary! This shot is supposed to provoque a reaction. The story is that Evil may come from where you would never think! Btw, the knife was added in PS)

c) Shooting emotion when I shoot people. People are not so interesting but the emotions they carry are interesting. And now I understand why I think that most of the pictures – excellently shot – of babes with wonderful bodies and great light, etc… don’t really attract my attention. “Hum… Well, looks like a product picture.” This also explains why I don’t like models from the internet (well sometimes I do, but my ratio deception vs. good surprise confirms my statement). Here a good surprise :

Susane Arlt

(She was a great model and it was cool to work with her. We managed great shots! She is willing to be an actrice and I really do hope she makes it!)

d) movies and the place light plays in the classic movies with Humphrey Bogard, Alfred Hitchcock… And there is surprisingly a come back. Have you watched “Better Call Saul”? It ‘s a great show and scenes are lit as if they were for pictures. It’s a good story and a pleasure for the eye. I love this. And I love shooting stuff like this.


In the Morning

(2 different ways to get this feeling: above it was a studio shooting with a Make-Up-Artist and lights, and, and, and… ; The one below is my wife having breakfast and some sunbeams thru the curtain + Lightroom. As you see it doesn’t have to be complicated to have this movie touch.)

c) Drama. In faces, in landscape…

unbenannte Fotosession-5081-Bearbeitet

(On a rainy day, shot from my car as I was arriving at my next meeting)

So. Where am I ? I know what I like, but what should be my path? Time is precious and we cannot walk two tracks at the same time. We need to make choices.

I need to show my work to someone who will be able to tell me : ” Boy, this is shit, this hum… but this is interesting, this is the way you should follow.”

Now I need to find this person.

At this point, I thought it would be a good piece of advice to share my experience of last night:

TAKE A BREAK to check:

a) What do want to learn ?
b) What do you want to shoot ?
c) What is that lets take the camera in your hand
d) What subjects are your favorites ?
e) What are the one you shoot best ?

More to come


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