Photoshop vs Out Of Cam

Hi Guys !

I have been thinking a lot about this trend that is to claim that if you are a good photog you just make the shot in the cam.

In my eyes, this way to think is just narrow-minded. This dictatorship all started when photojournalism took off. It was in this perspective understandable : if you crop or retouch, is your picture objective? But if you are not a journalist or a reporter ? Who cares really? No one. At the end of the day it’s just the picture that matters.

Why is good to try to make the shot in the camera?
Because you learn to pay attention, it saves you time. Is there something disturbing in the picture? Then make a step left and it’s gone. In Photoshop, you will need more time to save the shot. And let’s be honest : there is a great piece of satisfaction when you look at the picture and it’s perfect the way it is. But if it’s not, it does not matter.

Why it’s OK to process you pictures?
Because it’s also in this part of the process that your creativity and sensibility is stimulated. And every photogs retouch. I hear Joe McNally saying he makes the shot in the box. Might be. But he has assistants who retouch the pictures. I can imagine they don’t have much to retouch since Joe is a great photog and an old-school-photog: having learnt to shoot with rolls of kodaks, he knew he had to get the best shots in the cam in order to save a lot of time afterwards. So retouching is definitely OK. Photoshop is nothing less than a digital darkroom. Why is it best to work in a darkroom rather than with photoshop? I don’t know. I think it is not, it’s the same.

Developing films is now processing pixels. That’s it.

The camera gives you a picture which is the result of your ability to make a picture with the tool you used. At this point, we are not equal. Since we don’t have the same skills and the same eyes. The processing is the second step of making of the picture, this is how you bring it to the next level.

So guys, feel free to shoot how you want, give your best and, and this is the most important, have fun doing it !

Here an example, a before and an after :


unbenannte Fotosession-4502


unbenannte Fotosession-4502-Bearbeitet

Now I already hear some of you saying it’s underexposed. No, it’s not. It was a moody low light. Because in real life, you don’t always have the perfect exposure. And this makes sometimes the beauty of the moment.

Have a nice light, more to come…


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