Winter Time = Studio Time

Susane Artl_ 1st Shoot-2012-Bearbeitet-Bearbeitet

As every year, winter arrives and the cold days with it. Which is why I stop to shoot outside. At least I stop to shoot models outside since I don’t want them to freeze. I do prefer the cosy warmth of the studio.

Winter is the time where I go for nudes or beauty shots in the studio I always book in the 20th district of Vienna. Most of the time the models are looking for new pictures for their book. Some have made it, others did not. And there are also the ones modeling just for fun.

The picture above is the wonderful Susane Arlt, a young promising austrian actress shot at the studio. This a 3 lights setup : 2 behind the sofa and one softbox aiming down at her. All three are gelled with blue and orange filters.

More to come…


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