This title may sound a little provocative which it is definitvely. Can a cellphone compete with a real cam, a good old DSLR without getting ridiculous?

Well my answer is yes.

Now I do own 4 or 5 DSLRs and I love to shoot with them. But the best camera on Earth is the very one you have with you. And my gears are heavy. Cellphone are what they are and you cannot change the depth of field and the speed. But in this frame of work given by these limits, you achieve good pictures. I think you can compare these to polaroids somehow.

With a DSLR camera, you have a great tool you can set the way you want and there is almost no limits of what can do.

The cool thing about cellpics is that you are on the way and within a snap you procedd your picture in your phone. I personally love snapseed. I struggle with the LR version. What I also do is to make the shot with my cellphone (oneplus 2 – I have invitations, if you are interested let me know) and I process them on my Mac.


This one above was shot today in Mattersburg, Austria. It’s a pretty cool place, an american Dinner and they serve good tasty burgers by the way. I processed the image in Snapseed that was it.

The whiskey bottle below was shot in our kitchen in natural light. In this case I used Photoshop, Snapseed and Lightroom. It’s not art, not a picture I will be proud of in 10 years from now but I like it.

Jack Daniel's

It looks like I love to use my cellphone when I am eating or that my love for food is related to food. 🙂  Every time I see a French’s bottle I have to make a picture for my old friend Gerhard, my little short tiny best friend who wants me to bring some of it back home when I am spending time in the US. I went to far with the processing, but still, I think the result is nice looking.

Shot at the AEROVILLE Mall in the area of the CDG Airport, Paris, France.

Again. The best camera is the one you carry with you…


unbenannte Fotosession-

In the air. Again.

Oh my God!!!!


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