And 2016…

Another year has gone and a new one is here, like start line marked on the ground.

I have made the decision to shoot more studio stuff this year. The obvious reason is that you need less pre-work : no places to scout, no model to transfer,…

I also will carry on shooting self portraiture. Not that I am a narcissist guy, it’s just I can do it whenever I want, as long as I want and nobody except me is expecting good results. It takes some pressure away.

I have also made the decision to take part to a 52 assignments / year thing which are very popular out there in the internet world. I have heard about it in an petapixel’s article. I see that as a way to keep creative. Because this what I am : a creative guy, not an artist.

And in order to catch up : I hope you had a merry X-Mas and and an happy new year (do you hear the bells jingle behind your screen?)



Here the link to the Petapixel’s assignment !


More to come


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