Raisons why you need a Pro photographer for your wedding !

I have already written an article about this topic. But somehow I feel the need to re-write about this since I have been forced to be a weeding photog’ for an acquaintance of mine a few months ago. And I could not bring a real good picture. It was very very disappointing.

But let me introduce my self : My name is Marc. I am a sales manager passionated about photography. Photography is a real part of my life. I met my wife on the way home after a photoshooting, I own a lot of gear and after 10 years of intensive practice, I dare to say I know what I am talking about.

I mainly shoot people. And I love to mix flashes and available light together. I look for models all the time. So when I say I DO NOT SHOOT WEDDINGS, people and friends don’t understand. I don’t blame them for that since it sounds illogical at first. I love to shoot for pleasure and fun, not under pressure. Being a wedding photographer is a kind of stressy, trust me on that one.

Now why is it so stressy ?

Because when the moment is gone, it’s gone.

In the studio, no one cares. You just reshoot. But the two individuals who are about to say “YES!”, they won’t say yes 10 times because your camera was not ready or the light too dark. It has to be perfect because the moment is  not coming again.

But let’s go deeper : Why do you need photographer at your weeding? I ask this because I often hear “my friend has a good camera, he will take care of it”. The funny thing is I have a very good kitchen and the best knives you can find, non stick pans, forks,… Would you ask me to cook for your wedding ? I figure you wouldn’t and hire a catering firm. And you would be doing the right thing since I have the tools, but I am no cook. So why should it be different for your pictures ?

One reason is that your weeding’s pictures are not important for you. And that’s ok. But then, why bother a friend ? He will have no party and at the end you won’t like his pictures. And what is the consequence of that ? You will never have a look at them. This is what happened to me for my first wedding : my brother in law covered the wedding. And the pictures? Not good. How many times did I took them from the drawer where the album is? Once? I am not even sure. I still have them somewhere. You see, I do not remember what was on the menu of my own weeding, but these pictures survived my first mariage. They are here for good. And I am guessing my guests have all forgotten what they got served in their plates that day.

As said, I divorced and met my wife – second and hopefully the last –  one evening on the way back from a shoot. I thought I would never remarry, but guess what ? I did. My wife took care of almost everything. Wives love that, somehow that’s their day. And then she asked : “Do you know some photographers ?” I know bunches of them. But, I did want someone I did not know. I wanted someone I could sue if the pictures are not what we were entitled to become. So my sweat love searched the web and found one.

She was a pro, she knew what’s important and what’s not, she went to the “crime scene” to make sure where she would put the lights, she checked where would be the sun for the outside family shots, but most of all : she has a style. And it took us only 5 minutes to know we wanted her. And guess what? We are married for 2,5 years now and we look at the weeding’s album every two months I would say.

Pictures are a testimony of the important things we live : birth, marriage, birthdays, X-mas with the family around the table. And at the end, when the people we love are gone, their pictures stay and pass from generation to generation. So be careful with your pictures, don’t be a cheap jerk and hire the guy you need, because these pictures are here to stay.

I will be in Vienna at the weeding fare in a couple of days, assisting CARMEN KRONSPIESS who shot our wedding. We became friends. I admire her work and the work of JOACHIM MAYRHOFER who works at her side. They make a good team and if you are about to get married and photographs mean something to you, you should consider to contact them and have a look at what they do.

Here is the website : http://www.carmenkronspiess.com/

And here are pictures of our wedding they did shot:
(By the way, I have lost weight!)

Check it out !

Take care, and if you are getting married, I wish you a long life full of love, happiness and passion !







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