Hi Guys !

As we are are in love in photography, we desperately are drawn to improve our skills and our aptitude to translate our emotion in pictures. And we are always challenge ourselves.

Most of the time, the results we get are disappointing. We had a picture in mind and we could not figure how to get this very one shot in the camera. Sometimes it works, and this is a real piece of joy. But most of the time you get good pictures but different from the expected result. I guess this normal since your picture crashes against the wall of your limits. And this crash-against-your-limits is probably what defines your style. So accept this and embrasse your inability to get your dreamed pictures.

I have decided to join community, a group on FB about weekly challenges. The idea is to have a week with an assignment and to share the picture(s) online. It is not a competition, this is a personal journey to improve your creativity. This week the assignement is RED.

Red… blood, red light district, sex, sexy, dress, the woman in red (music in my head)… tomatoes,… roses… At the end of this brainstorm, my idea was to shoot a sexy picture of a woman sucking a lipstick. I guess I have been inspired by the remarkable picture of Andreas Bitesnich where you see a mouth sucking a finger… and not what you think at first sight.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-18 um 20.37.24

Of course, I am just a hobby photog and this guy is a light God. So I came up with this picture below way weaker as the source of my inspiration.



We also made some portraits.

Red Smoker

I prefer this second shot to be honest but I also feel it is not, or let’s say, less nailing the subject (RED). The setup was simple :

* 1 Softbox, a portalight from Elinchrom camera right, aiming straight at the model.
* A grey- dark grey – Background
* A silver reflector camera left
* Processed in NIK COLOR EFEX.

You don’t nee a lot of space for such a portrait and as you can see it works in tiny rooms.

unbenannte Fotosession-5642

Next week, the assignment is Headshot… Wait and see !


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