Who’s Got The Credit ?

Hi Gang!

This question might sound silly at first, but in some cases the answer is not so easy.

Let’s take this portrait of me as an example.


I did not press the shutter so, I did not take this picture. But still, I think I have the credit for this picture. The reason being is that I set up the light. Here an Elinchrom Portalite camera right. I decided to use  a reflector to get some rim light  on my right side (for it’s the left side of the face). I also selected the lens and the camera. And I edited the picture in Light Room. So basically, I made the picture, I did not take it.

But, shooting is also about catching the moment… So 90% of this shot is from me, 10% from my wife.

Now, if I was to sell this picture (I know guys, stop smiling : I know nobody is going to by my portrait), who should get the money and have the rights ? How do you make sure who gets the % of the credit? Not easy.

But let’s go even more deeper… and lets take an other example :



This picture was shot back in 2012 or so. Sophie, a very nice looking colleague accepted to be a model for this shooting. Alizee is a Make Up Artist who needed pictures for a championship in NYC. So we built a portfolio together : she was happy to have a photog for free, I was happy to have a model and Sophie was happy to have a nice picture for free.

The idea of the Ice Queen was mine (1-0). But all the look was hers (1-1). The background had to look as if the model was in an Iceberg and I came up with a working solution (2-1). A friend of mine helped me a lot to postprocess the picture. Not easy to tell who’s got the credit: she? me? Both ?… My friend? And shouldn’t the make up count for 3 points? What do you think?




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