Easy Fix

Hi guys and welcome back !

Today’s post is about an easy fix in Photoshop, a fix for beginners actually but I think it might interest also readers flirting with the idea of buying filters.

Filters are good and  they provide quick and easy solution and look. But as a non pro-photographer, I have no deadline to held and I am afraid to be behind schedule since… oh, guess what? I have no schedule!

I also enjoy the process of editing, I enjoy taking control of every steps along the way of the birth of my pictures.

My tip is about selective adjustments. It’s very powerful, and very easy also. Let’s say you want more blue in the sky, more green in the grass. And the grass should be brighter, just a touch. And a detail – like a US flag – should pop up, then use the selective tools you have at your disposal in Photoshop. This also applies for Photoshop Elements users by the way.

Here the picture before: It’s a just a snapshot I took during a walk along the beach in Miami Beach last November.

unbenannte Fotosession-2770

It’s a boring and bad exposed picture. Now, just by selecting parts of the picture I managed to get this shot:

unbenannte Fotosession-2770-Bearbeitet

Take the lasso tool. And select the large areas you want to change. Sometime it is more comfortable to select the parts you don’t want to change and then to inverse the selection. For small parts the selecting brush works like a charm.

IMPORTANT : Change the edges of the selection and make them smooth. I go for 60 or 100 depending of the size of the selection. Then make the corrections. Validate and press “cmd D” to unselect. To this for all the areas you want to change. You will be faster and very accurate this way rather than using filters.



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