It’s shooting at ISO 20.000

Hi guys!

Short post today just to share my surprise about the quality of the Df !

As we experienced snowfalls last Saturday I could not help to make one shot or two.

I shot in M-Mode. So I control speed AND depth of field. How do I compensate the to get the correct amount of light to get a well exposed shot ? I shot in ISO-Automatic mode.

It’s really cool. I am blown away by the quality of the picture. The camera shot this picture at ISO 20.000 !!!

And it’s still a picture you can work with, it has less grain than 400 ASA rolls used to have back in the days. Wow! Now, I agree with you, this shot won’t make history and will never be published or be exposed at the MOMA. But I kinda like it anyway. Iso 20.000…



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