It’s Music As Inspiration

Hi guys,

Yesterday I have been writing about looking at the works of masters or simply at pictures I like in the internet. You know, the kind of picture you see, move on and come back with a “wait a minute what was that ?”

One day I dropped Joe McNally an email and was asking him what makes a good picture in his opinion. To my very surprise he mailed me back. “Emotion” he said.

So, when I am lost with no inspiration, I just take a moment. Loneliness, sadness, joy, all emotions are the best fuel for our creativity. And sometimes, I just take a number and play it eyes closed and pictures come to me like in a dream. I try to take something from this eyes-closed trip and to shoot with this pattern in mind.

The music below is a number called “window” by Meghan Arias. Yes, the wife of Zack Arias who happens to be a mega-super-camera-hero I love for his authenticity and his talent. Put your mouse on the play sign. Close your eyes. Click. See. Go shoot.

By the way, the picture fits the title and the mood perfectly doesn’t it ?

Have a nice day!



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