It’s I am looking for Ideas…

Hi guys and welcome back !

My two last posts were about inspiration.

I have a project which is all about shooting with a table. A table must be on the picture. The good thing is I need just a table, in other words, any tiny place is, or can be suitable for such pictures.

I look for inspiration in books, music… What about shooting myself while looking for inspiration ?…

An hour later, I was all finished and my made this shot !

Looking for inspiration

One Strobe camera left : an open softbox with a golden deflector. Left behind a model a 1,8m silver reflector. Camera : Nikon Dƒ, 1/125 at ƒ10 – ISO 200 (click on this link to see it with better contrasts).

I also made a colored version of this picture. Settings are all the same, it’s just photoshopped in a different way.

unbenannte Fotosession-5846-Bearbeitet-2

I kinda prefer the colored one, but to be honest I love them both !  🙂


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