It’s Dady I Love You

Hi Guys !


As a 7 to 9pm hobby photographer I  do not have all the time I would love to dedicate to my passion.

So, I have developed a few strategies along the years. I shoot my wife. So we go shopping together to grab some fancy dresses for the pictures. And as I want to spend time with my daughter, I try to manage a few shots with her.

Last Thursday she wanted to be on my knees while I was having a shoot (self portraiture). Her mom was carrying her but she would not stop crying. And then I told her “let me have her on my knees and let’s make a few pics!” We already have noticed that she loves being photographed. Don’t ask me why and how long this will last, but… It worked and we got this funny / film noir / disturbing (also) picture.

Final shot

(as always, click on the pictures and once you are redirected, press L)

The original idea of the picture is to photograph a pro killer waitng for his victim in some hotel. I will show you in a later post the pictures, but for now, I will explain how I did this shot.

First thing I did was to find where I would put my tripod. In other words, this is the crucial moment when you compose the picture : angle, position, getting rid of disturbing elements, etc…

Then I just made a test shot with a strobe behind the seat. And I become that image below:

unbenannte Fotosession-5926

(M-Mode. Iso 200, f10 – 1/30″)

I liked it, loved the contrast between the warm yellow and the cold blue, but this was not the mood I was up to. So… Let’s change the white Balance to tungsten.

And Of course I had to power down the strobe behind the seat.

unbenannte Fotosession-5927

Good, problem solved. Now let’s take care about the background. To make the sot interesting, I need a background to separate the subject from it. Rim lights might be a way to go but here, I wanted colors, so I put a gel on the strobe and powered it down to have shadows and a rich saturated purple color + adding a snooted strobe aiming at the seat.

unbenannte Fotosession-5929

The rest is… aiming the snooted strobe properly : a hair to the right. Hum… no a little up…  These final adjustments are the most difficult ones. and they take time, especially when you are alone to make them: seat, shoot, go to the cam, check the LCD, think, change the settings, go to the seat…

What happened next was to place the talent (well, me in this case) in the seat with the weapon. You won’t see the pictures now, as said, I will upload them later. As we were almost finished, my sweet daughter wanted to be with me so her mom put her on my knees and I made 5 frames. The image above is one of them.

In CC I darkened the lamp on the left and used a blue tint for the black, very decently. And I cropped it at a 16/9 format to emphasis the movie mood of the image. Done.



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