It’s How I Struggle On Location

Hey guys !

Lately I have been very fortunate to photograph in a very nice hotel in Austria. The rooms are modern with taste but not very original. At this occasion, I had my Quadra Ranger with me. The Elinchrom Quadra is a nice piece of equipment : It’s smaller than a shoe box and enables tow flash heads to fire with an assymetrical output of 1/3 (Port A) and 2/3 (Port B).

The idea of the shot was inspired by the fourniture you always have in a corner of the room, mainly at the corner wall / window. Yes, an armchair. Or sometimes a sofa. I have done such shots very often and I still love it : how to do something different when basically you shoot the same thing ? Light!

I love the cinematic style and I have made a picture of myself as prokiller seated in such a founiture. Not original, but it was really fun to set up the lights. Lights and shadows make the mood. Not only the talent you have in front of the lense. So, I wanted to light the scene in a different way. Here is the shot:


I had with me a Lastolite 8 in 1 Umbrella and with it, my first problem. This umbrella doe not work with the Quadra’s heads.

Lastolite 8 in one

Their holes are to small. So, what do you do when you are on location? You solve problems. Luckily I had a big shoot thru umbrella with me. Solved, but it spread the light everywhere. So my solution brings another problem to solve… I looked around and thought I could use the black cover of the Lastolite 8 in 1 Umbrella as a “salad”. A salad is something you but on a softbox or Umbrella to block the light or at least a part of it.

Camera right aiming at the model, parallele to the wall now stands the saladed umbrelly with a blue gel. It is suposed to be my main light as it is lighting my model. But, as it closer to my subject, I decided to use the B port at F4. The orange light is my secound light. The heads delivers 2/3 of the power so way more than F4. It is far away and aiming at the curtain and a bit at my model. I played a while with the orientation of this light and just payed attention to not to burn my model’s skin. And that was it.

Now some may say “Marc, your shot is too dark!” and it is a little underexposed truth to be said. But that’s how it is in real life, if you want the mood, you don’t have to a perfect exposure on the subject because the life in life is not permanently perfect on the subjects.

At least, this is how I see things, what about you?

Tomorrow, I will post an article about a picture we done just in 5 minutes 2 meters away from the armchair. And you will be surprise how it has a totally different look.


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