It’s Something Different With Gels

Hey Guys and welcome back !

What’s cool with strobes and gels is that you can turn any boring place into a great scene, meaning by that you take control on the mood, and on colors as soon as you add gels.

Remember this one ?


Ten minutes later and 3 meters away, we made a totally different picture :

unbenannte Fotosession-6262-Bearbeitet

The wall and her hair are backlit with a red gelled strobe. I used a Elinchrom Quadra head plugged on the B port (1/3 of the power). For her, I used the 2nd flash head bounced against a wall to get a very soft light. By doing this, what was my enemy? Yes the white light which could have washed away my red. It need to flag it. At least partially and to have it done, I just put my self in between. Done!

For the time being I am watching vids about TTL-Strobes. And one very well known photographer was saying : “Look at that: One shot and the exposure is great!” Well You can have it also with no TTL when you use a lightmeter.

And this will be one of my next article next week !



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