It’s my message against guns

Hi guys!

Is it so hard to understand that guns kill?

Is it so hard to acknowledge you can’t eradicate violence but that it is possible to make it less dangerous by not having tools named handguns?

You can down the level of violence by making carrying a gun against the law.

The argument often said is that you need guns for your selfdefense.

But, less guns in land, less need to have a gun for selfdefense. What if they land in bad hands? What about accidents?…

Guys, take stand and make America a safer place. Maybe you’ll be punched, but at least you won’t get any bullet.

This is my personal opinion. To symbolize it, I have made the following picture below. My daughter playing with a (fake) gun. The response on Flickr was very split : some loved it and said it should be plastered everywhere : buses, bus stops, benches, metro, subway, streets… and some just wrote : Bad parenting.

Bad parenting… Well, don’t worry about my daughter, we don’t have guns at home and we spend a lot of time with her. The gun she has in her hands is a broken toy. But I guess there are bad parents, I can agree on that. And I also think that some of them may have guns at home… Reason enough to ban guns.

Stop the gun's lobby. NOW !

(Nikon D90 – 85 mm – 1/125 – ƒ 3,2)
Chocked? Would it be better if she were 20? Why does it make a difference? At the age of 20, you can aim and shoot. Even more dangerous don’t you think?

Shooting kids is very difficult – photographically meant – because they don’t pose. You have to be like a hunter and wait for the right moment. And at ƒ3,2, that’s tough. Sounds disturbing doesn’t it. And we are only talking about photography…

Get rid of you guns NOW, don’t even wait for a new law.

Feel free to comment as long as it is in a way Gentlemen and Ladies do.


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