It’s the Making Of The “Prisoner of Photography”

Hi Guys and welcome back !

Yesterday was a good day in the studio. The model and I had three different images in mind. How does this work actually?

I spend quite a long time looking at the works of other photographers. I collect the pictures I love : I screenshot them and they are filed in an album in Flickr for later purposes.

When I meet my model, I show the pictures I would like to do, being aware we always end up with an other result. It’s a starting point from where we build on.

So we did them and we were quite happy. Over time, I have noticed that the worst thing to do is to go on the set with no idea and to improvise at the last minutes. Sure you will manage some shots. But then you tend to reproduce the things you’ve already done in order to get the shot. In other words, you stay in your comfort zone.

Sometimes, I have a vision popping in my head. I have a soft spot for people with a slight disorder, people who are so passionate at what they do so that are completely consumed by their hobby, job,… Addiction and/or the mechanism of addiction are very interesting to me and I have already tried to shoot the guy who can’t stop making pictures.

I came up with these two pictures :

unbenannte Fotosession-4890-Bearbeitet   "Why don't you shoot as a free man ?" she asked

Both were shot at home with two lights. Carmen Kronspiess – a great pro (wedding)photographer based in Vienna – told me they were OK and good as portrait but not necessarily serving the cause : It was not clear that the point was the photo-addiction. And she was right, because it could be about the freedom of the press for instance… But when you love creativity, the goal is every steps of the way…

Recently I thought that using a softbox and a chair + chains could be a way. Or a step. Well, heuh,… You get the idea. Anyway, I saw in mind a guy sitting on a chair as it would be where he would receive high voltage. That was my starting point. The death or the sentence would the flash from the softbox.

Because of its shape, I went for the deep Octa of Elinchrom + a white background to get some grey and cold reflection + a fill light to light the legs (a little) and the soft box itself.


unbenannte Fotosession-5322

A bit tricky to set up since this would be self portrait. So you need a tripod and the best way to set the focus is to make it in the Live View mode. Because there you can focus on any part of the picture.

And here are some results :

Prisoner of Photography

Prisoner of Photography

My preference goes to the colored one. Can’t tell you why.

I am not done with this topic, I already have new pictures in preparation.

More to come…


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