It’s all about failures!


I hate to admit they pave every steps of my way. As a hobby photographer. At first, when you start shooting, you do not notice them and you tend to overestimate the quality of your work. Then you realize that you have to learn. And you fail. Actually you always did, but by then your eye has trained itself and you just notice it.

Now, I am just a little disappointed when I upload the pictures and there is nothing OK. I just think : OK, what did go wrong. I analyze and give it a new shot.

So if you are upset and you think you will never get better, this post is for you :

Failure #1 :

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-08 um 20.09.01

Such a pose and… oh but what a very good looking background… Of course I did not check all the pics so I have made at least 20 shots for nothing… But my background is now famous!  🙂

At this point, I thought the light is a little flat. I used a maxylite and I decided to change this.

Failure #2

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-08 um 20.09.27

Well… this time everything is out of focus… But why? the exposure is metered…

Failure #3:

Ohhh, maybe it’s because I use an adaptor ring between my Fuji and my Zeiss lens made for Nikon… Oh yes… that’s it! But OK, turn it to B&W and add a lot of noise and photoshop it to death and soon you may call it a piece of art ! 🙂



So I learned. I learned what I had to care about : I changed the modifier and went for a focussed light. I set the adaptator ring the way it had to be set and I focus properly and I got that :

unbenannte Fotosession-5421-Bearbeitet

and that :



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