It’s Sunday and I write anything about anything


Hi Guys!

This post is about things we love to do and we should do.

As a non pro photog I do not need to shoot stuff I am not interested in. The flip side of it? I have a very short amount of time for my passion.

So what do I love to shoot? Anything loaded with emotion, but mainly people. I love women for their softness mixed with intellectual strength since they have to work harder than men to be recognized as “as good as”. By men, I love old faces full past histories. Like my dad who now is 89. Everyone has a story. And old men’s faces are like a book you can read.

That being said, I am always looking for models, but I prefer to photograph people I know, even a little like neighbors and colleagues. I am not interested in Pirelli calendar-, Playboy kind of pictures. I like beauty headshots and pictures telling a story, pictures having a moody feel. So no girls naked or wearing just a few inches of textile standing in the snow or bikini with nothing on top. That’s not my thing. If naked, then “fine arty” – I love to shoot nudes in an fine art style but unfortunately my results are far below my expectations. So you won’t see any such pictures by me there.

So I shoot pictures like this one below, pictures where you ask yourself : What’s going on ? This is what I focus on.

If you are interested – as man or wonan – to be a part of one of such pictures, just let me know by going to the contact link. I am based in Vienna and soot on TFP basis.

Grid shooting at a gafertaped miror aiming at her

To see the picture with the right quality (size + contrasts) please click here!


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