It’s about my FUJI X-E1

It’sBildschirmfoto 2016-03-19 um 17.21.17 cool, it is light, it is full of technic in the hand and it has the quality of a Leica for almost 720€ tax VAT included.

Now, it is already been a while on the market and the followers are certainly even better. Just a few things are still annoying me like:

The EVF (Electronic View Finder) is ok and does a good job. But the CPU needs time to compute and subjects smoothly moving. And this was reason enough to avoid this camera in the studio or for street photography. But I have found the compromise making studio or street photography for this camera really convenient: Shoot in RAW and set the display in B&W. You will notice a huge difference.

The writing speed
Clearly far behind the possibilities of my DSLRs.
I have bought a new SD Card (16GB, 80 MB/S) and this makes a big difference. It’s still not a warrior but it’s a good compromise.

At the end of the day, the quality of pictures matters, not the tool. And from perspective, I am very happy.


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