It’s I got Inspired !

Hi everyone !

A big question for all of us finally rises once you master or at least deal with the light : What do I want to shoot actually?

First you look for models. Then you think in terms of backrounds. After that you consider light shapers and modifiers. Styling would be the next step… And then… It’s like you have all you need to cook at you disposal but you have no idea what to do with your knives, forks, oven, plates, meat and vegies… That level is when you start to think about story telling, sending a message, expressing yourself translating an idea into a picture. in other words, that’s when you go for content and no more for graphic. you are becoming an artist. As writers are afraid of the white page, we hold our gears and then what’s the point you do not know where to go.

This is the moment I open books and see what great photographers have done.

Guy Bourdin is one the most famous photographers of the 70ies in France. He worked 33 years at Vogue. I won’t go deeper in his biography which is very interesting by the way since this guy seams to had a very dark side. But I really advise you to throw an eye on his work. And especially on this picture (click here!) since it is the one that caught my attention.

I know I am not able to make such a picture. Reason being my skills are not good enough and that’s OK : he was a photogod and I am just a guy with a camera shooting on weekend and sometimes after work. Anyway, I loved this picture and it inspired me.

I went to facebook, wrote about the project, the picture would be a starting point and we would see where this would lead us.

Here is the result :


A few words about it :

It was shot with a silver umbrella aiming not at the model, the aimed spot is out of frame, let’s say 50 cm above her head. Diana did not want to shoot nude – I knew that before she showed up – so I knew I would go for a portrait. Not very surprisingly she did not enjoyed to get hurt. But the end justifies the means… 🙂

I have done a couple of different versions, changing the point of view by adding some props like gold stones…

More to come…





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