It’s about shooting people with helmets (or hats).


Shot with Elinchrom Quadra(s). I used 2 of them making possible to fire 4 heads.

Here, there is a Portalite Softbox which is a square softbox set at f10 on a C-Stand at the top of a miniboom. The helmet covers his face so I need a fill otherwise you could not see his face and his eyes at all. I tried to bounce a light against a golden reflector lying on the ground to get light back from below. It worked… too well actually. Not only his face was getting light but the entire scene. Not what I was going for. I needed more control, just a light on his face to light it up. So I decided to put a snoot aiming at his face. As you see, I should have aimed a little higher. But, well, it’s OK. This my lesson, the thing I will take with me for the next similare shoot : People with hats or caps. A third fill is there – very decent – for the lower part of Didi’s uniform : a ring flash set on the ground aiming toward his chest at f2,8. I did not pay attention what the f stop was for the snoot, it has been a try – fail -try – fail and so on.

It’s good to take a lot of Frames since pixels are free, but while Setting the light, the way to go is to shoot – scan the picure on the LCD – adjust – shoot…

I really admire what firefighters do to save our lives, they train hard, and when no one else would be able save you : fire, car accident,… They are here. They don’t even get paid. They do all the trainings during their free time.

My pictures of them is a way to say : THANK YOU !

Shot with my trusty Nikon D700, with my 24 to 70mm at f10.


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