What am I going to do now ?

unbenannte Fotosession-8599-Bearbeitet

Well, not an easy question. Shortly I have been looking back at my work (photo-work) and I notice it’s been a long journey with ups and downs. I remember that day when I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D40x. That day truly changed my life. Since I met my wife after a shooting as I was riding home in the subway.

At the time I was more taking pictures rather than making pictures and that was ok. I was shooting stuff like this one below, trying to catch a moment or a certain emotion. I failed most of the time but, sometimes I got lucky, and I guess this what photographers call the lucky accidents.


Of course I was overestimating my skills and my “eye”. But it was fun. Life

Unfortunately, most of my shots ended more like this one below, catching a frame – in a not so good way – that has already been shot to death. But you don’t even know that and this ignorance is what pushes you further and further. Now, when I look at these, I have a little smile on my face and I just think it was a step I needed to take to get where I am today. Want a preview?

Karlsplatz 2



Project Pic 7
(my first conceptual shot)


Of course they were not all so bad, but the thing is I did not control the process, I was experimenting. And I really thought these pictures were exceptionally good. 🙂

But one needs to be said : even if I obviously was not a good photographer, I was on my way to learn. The one above is a selfportraiture done in 2006 or 2007. It is the first one of a long serial, since you don’t always have a model at your disposal at the moment you want.

The blue “V”s, is interesting : it shows that I had understood that patterns may be interessting (when properly shot which is not the case here). An the subway station one is about lines. So let me recap :

Lines, Patterns, Story, Portraits… all elements were there. I was like child discovering vegetables and meats. After a while, I realized I needed a kitchen. So I went to a shop and bought Photoshop Elements. And I got 1000s pictures like this one:

At first you are enthusiastic. And after a moment you see you need some help. Having the vegies and the meat + knives and forks does not make you a cook.

What you need to do when you have reached this level is to take a class : online, workshops… but you definitely need help and someone who is not pleasing you but who tells you when your picture sucks when it sucks.

I will skip all the details and, long story short : I went to Kelby trainings (now called Kelbyone). It was  a good decision. I have learned a lot. I shot a lot. I focussed on portraits with strobes because I love to control the light.

I guess I have reach a level where I need more time behind the camera. I know my vegetables, my meats, my forks and knives and even recipes by heart. But I now realize all this way was just the beginning. At the end of the day, when you want to create a meal, you need to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, cooking, grilling, failling, etc…


And this is where I am : I can shoot.

But I don’t know what to shoot.

I make nice looking pictures, but do they have a content ?

This is why have stopped to shoot unknown models unless there is a good reason. I prefer to shoot people I know like friends, relatives, colleagues… I want a story. It does not have to be a complicated one.

Question !

Mother and Daughter

I don’t shoot everyday. And there are weeks with no picture taken. Shooting is not the most difficult part of the picture (wait! I haven’t said it is easy !), but imagining or designing the shot is for me the most difficult thing. Of course I take picture just to remember the moment, those shots are great because I don’t care so much about the lights or whatever, they are slices of life.

And right now, I don’t know what to cook. Sorry guys.


more to come


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