If you read this, it’s probably because I have sent you an invitation for a shoot.

My next project is nothing crazy like the Sushi nude picture you can see here which was fun to shoot even if not complicated in regard of the light set up.
Again, my shots are planned in detail before the shoot and as always the result happens to be a little different. But since, it was cool.

This time, I am looking for nude pictures, in black and white. No erotic pictures but soft, nice photographies with soft contrast and or extreme constrasts. I think the best way is to show 2 pictures I made in the past so you get the idea.

Here is the low contrasty one and click there for the strong contrasted one.

I want to shoot full nude, part nude (top only), hidden nude (you are naked but breast and sex are hidden by hand, clothes, object…).

If you are interested by one or several of these setups, please get in touch with me!

Marc Eliot
+43660 678 789 9


If you want to know more about me, check this and this too !

Hope to hear from you!

Marc Eliot


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