Competition in Photoworld Is A Hard Fight !


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How do I get Analog Efex Pro 2 ?

Hi everyone!

The guys at NIK-Software, a Division of Google since Google bought NIK, have released a new version of their top Pluggin Analog Efex Pro (AEP).

Pluggin Analog Efex Pro (AEP) is a great pluggin that simulates the films. But it’s more than that, it’s also an effects collection. Some may say it’s an Instagram thing and that’s partially true in my eyes. But not only for you can set all the effects up and play with them and save them as well. It uses the U-Point Technology. It’s great!!!

How do you get ?
1) Just get there :
2) Click on TEST (up right).
Now, if you already have bought the Bundle in the past, the update is free, the trial’s limitations will be automically removed.
But, if you haven’t, you will have to pay the 149 USD, but you will get we entire bundle, meaning by that all the NIK’s products which are great anyway.

Here a few videos about what you can do with it:


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How Do I Get This Look ?

Do you always know to get a special look you see on ads in magazines?

I don’t.

I just give it a shot, hopping to get lucky. And I am lucky, I want to share it. Sharing is the reason why this blog exists. So when you read this blog, I hope you get informative posts and I also want you to keep in mind I am not a pro there might be other more effective ways to get the job done. It’s just a sharing platform based on “how to”.

This being said, I love the grungy look of some commercials for men. Like this look :

Mister B

How do you get this ?

1) Take your RAW files and…

2) enter these settings (names may change, but not the position of the
(don’t know the name in english for this).
For my Blog

3) Depending of the shot, settings may vary a little.

4) Go to TOPAZ Restyle (a great pluggin you can download here).

5) In Topaz, select the SOFTLIGHT mode

6) chose your favorite tinting and click on apply.

You are done ! 🙂

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More than ONE hour with Joe McNally !

For those who don’t know Joe McNally, Joe is a photographer who works a lot for the National Geographic.

He is very impressive as a teacher since he knows his stuff and also knows how to explain the HOW-TOes. He’s a strobe’s specialist and a speed-lights addict. Well, I see it that way.
Joe is a member of the Kelby Trainer’s staff.

Youtube him, you will find 1000ds of videos shot for Adorama where his wife works and for many other compagnies, workshops, etc… It is a pleasure to hear him criticism pictures in a way you can take a bit with you and improve.

Well, enough said, watch now !

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Weekly French Post – L’article du Dimanche

Pris par le temps aujourd’hui, je vais vite.
Je suis toujours à la recherche de nouveaux articles et de nouvelles idées. Je pense que voir des photos différentes vous ouvre les yeux et créée une culture générale visuelle.
Alors quand je lis des noms d’artistes dans PHOTO, je vais sur google et je jette un oeil.

Je ne connais pas Marie Benattar personnellement. Mais je peux vous dire que je vais maintenant suivre de prĂ©s ses crĂ©ations. Il y de tout : couleurs, lumières, formes, sensualitĂ©… Bref : tout ce que j’aime.
Son site est extra et je vous invite Ă  vous y rendre !
Bonne découverte et bon dimanche à tous !

Stay tuned !


Breaking the news for my european followers :

Blackfriday in the US is a day where huge discounts are made on electronics devices. But with time, it spreaded it out to other kund of goods.  So, buying online is now a great deal, even if you have to pay the tax on importation.  In the US, there is no added value when you get your purchases shipped.

Now, if you are in Austria and owner of a American Express, you can buy online, Amex pays all taxes!! Of course they sononly a few day so hurry up! Its time to go online to BH and get the candy you wanted to!

It goes like this : check your emails and find the one of amex they sent about buying at thanks giving. They explain this promotion. The have noticed a coupon-code in the mail you need while purchasing. Of course, without this code… It does not work!

Gotta go to BH and Adorama, and Topaz…


X-Mas time is coming up !

Very naively, so to say, I was a little worried about the use people could do with my pictures after I had uploaded them on flickr.


Why naively? Well, my pictures were, when I look back, not good enough to interest other people. But I really had a lot of thoughts about this matter. One way was to upload my pics in a low quality. But the quality must be good enough to look good on a screen. And nowadays our pictures are to be seen online and pictures are printed to become posters on walls or calendars. Anyway, so I did so. As I use Flickr as an external storage, I had the double amount of work: I had to upload in low and high definition and set the private mode on the second one.

But one day, in stats section, I saw a referrer that made me curious. I clicked the link and could see one of my pics used on a blog.


I did not know how to react. On one hand, it is a sign my pictures are good enough to be used by other guys out there. I liked it somehow. On the other hand, even if the CC-rules were respected, I felt stolen, as if someone had taken my baby.

I thought I had to stop this or at least my name had to be somewhere so guys would know I AM the artist, the creator of the shot. I know it is ridiculous but I was really thinking that way at the time. So I put watermarks on my shot. Like this one :


Does it look good? Humm… Well I felt it was a safe way to show my pictures and to feel safe about that. Actually it worked pretty well : I felt secured and I had no more thoughts. I was so much naive that I did not even figured out you can sweep it way within a few minutes and a little photoshop skills. So watermarking is not a solution.

I think it is time to reconsider the all thing : When you upload your picture, you loose control on it. And there is no way to avoid it. And is it that bad ? I don’t think so.

You see, when my pics are to be seen everywhere, on blogs, it’s a kind of advertising. As long as the CC-rules are applying and are respected it’s OK. And if I see one of my picture where I haven’t shared my copyright, I do hope the company who did this is big and rich like APPLE, WALLMART or GENERAL MOTORS… the rest will be done by my lawyer.

w Noel 2 bleue

So, in secret, I do hope this will happen with or without a watermark. And to make it easier for them, I don’t watermark my shots anymore.

f Ulli Shooting

more to come…