It’s I Love Colors !

Hi Everyone !

Still trying to shoot ways to shoot I haven’t followed before using saturated colors and movements !
Miss D

Diana is a very kind model who loves modeling. Although this shot is all about her hair and movement, we did not have any music playing. She preferred it this way and it was good for me too so I could not get so easily distracted. You know : focussing on ƒ stops and strobes… First I did not like the fact you don’t see both eyes. But somehow I prefer it like this for now.

What do you think ?

More to come…



And 2016…

Another year has gone and a new one is here, like start line marked on the ground.

I have made the decision to shoot more studio stuff this year. The obvious reason is that you need less pre-work : no places to scout, no model to transfer,…

I also will carry on shooting self portraiture. Not that I am a narcissist guy, it’s just I can do it whenever I want, as long as I want and nobody except me is expecting good results. It takes some pressure away.

I have also made the decision to take part to a 52 assignments / year thing which are very popular out there in the internet world. I have heard about it in an petapixel’s article. I see that as a way to keep creative. Because this what I am : a creative guy, not an artist.

And in order to catch up : I hope you had a merry X-Mas and and an happy new year (do you hear the bells jingle behind your screen?)



Here the link to the Petapixel’s assignment !

More to come