And 2016…

Another year has gone and a new one is here, like start line marked on the ground.

I have made the decision to shoot more studio stuff this year. The obvious reason is that you need less pre-work : no places to scout, no model to transfer,…

I also will carry on shooting self portraiture. Not that I am a narcissist guy, it’s just I can do it whenever I want, as long as I want and nobody except me is expecting good results. It takes some pressure away.

I have also made the decision to take part to a 52 assignments / year thing which are very popular out there in the internet world. I have heard about it in an petapixel’s article. I see that as a way to keep creative. Because this what I am : a creative guy, not an artist.

And in order to catch up : I hope you had a merry X-Mas and and an happy new year (do you hear the bells jingle behind your screen?)



Here the link to the Petapixel’s assignment !


More to come



I love the word “selfie”. It was become a kind of bag into people throw all and everything without any distinction. To me, selfies are snapshots-made-with-samtphones. Not less, not more. Well, no… I also associate selfies with bad shots, bad composition and bad exposure. It does not have to be this way, but it is most of the time. Yes you will find good ones from times to times. But those are too seldom to be fund out there in social medias.

I am not a fan of self-portraiture. First of all it’s pretty difficult to set up. Then, I have to admit that along the years, I have become, slowly, day after day, overweighted. A good reason to keep away from the lens and stay behind the camera.

I have made a decision. The decision to eat less junk food and practice some exercise. This shot is there and a mark. In the next months, I will make other self portraitures and see if there are any improvements.

Enough about me now, let’s go to the technical explanations of this shot:

Ć’8 – S30 – 90mm on a D90 (Nikon). Actually I am standing between two doors. The light is a neon tube light bought at the DIY shop in my neighborhood set on a light stand. Done.

The light is very blue. I had to warm it up in the postproduction. Tonal contrasts, some clarity and that’s it.

Self ; 26 of December 2014

more to come…