Les étoiles dans les yeux

Voici déjà un certain temps que je souhaitais refaire quelques portraits mais il me manquait un concept porteur dans le sens où photographier une jolie fille en soi est joli, sympathique, etc… mais que cela manque un peu de contenant si je peux m’exprimer ainsi. Ce qui finalement donne du plaisir est autant la conception que le résultat. Et sans commencer ici un débat philosophique, je crois que cette affirmation est vraie pour beaucoup de choses dans la vie.

Alors j’ai cherché un concept. C’est ainsi que, après un certain temps, mettre les étoiles dans le regard a surgi dans mon esprit. J’ai un peu recherché comment faire et très vite tout est clair dans mon esprit pour faire le shooting. Il neme restait plus qu’à demander à une de mes collègues de participer. L’idée lui plu et une semaine plus tard nous étions dans le studio pour ce TFP.

Le matériel : des lampes LED, un grillage pour les fixer et… c’est tout.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-26 um 12.09.59

Pour le fond, j’ai posé une plaque de plastique transparente que l’on utilise normalement comme un toit pour les cabanes ou les maisons de jardin. J’ai utilisé un flash rouge dans ce set up.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-26 um 11.53.58

Sur la photo ci-dessus, pas de flash. Les nuances bleues proviennent de la lumière ambiante du studio dont la chaleur est celle de la lumière du jour. Mes LED ayant une lumière de 32ooK (donc plus chaude), mon réglage calé sur celle-ci fait que la lumière du jour devient froide.

Voilà voilà…

(Wien, TFP, Juni 2016)



It’s Yes It’s Me When I Shoot!

unbenannte Fotosession-098


Sometimes funny things happen during a shooting and this time, Mister Sun had decided to pay us a visit.

What you see is me shooting at a mirror. I stand in a sunbeam. Sunset has started. Behind me, my wife, under a Beauty Dish. I just think it’s cool.

more to come…

Things I have learned yesterday

My wife and I have decided to make a few shots in a totally different direction we use to do.

I call it, the “Emily Soto”. Stop. I don’t pretend to be as good as she is. What I mean by that is only the kind of dream-uish girls with flowers and kind of vintage victorian clothes. You get the idea (hopefully). Anyway, if you want to check on her gallery, click here.

She is a master of this style. Which is not what I am drawn to but it’s kind interesting and women seam to love that. So OK, let’S give it a try. I loaded my car and off we go. After a minute or two, my back let me remember I am 45 and it hurt. Not the best thing for a shoot. No position did help. The good thing about this is you have to be effective since you don’t want to suffer for nuts.

I took 3 cameras to see if there are differences. A nikon DF, a Fuji EX1 and a Sony Alpha700. And yes there are and will be a subject of a future post. We made 2 setups. The one below was shot with a Nikon Dƒ, 70-200mm 2,8G, S1/125 ƒ5, ISO 100. It’s lighted by 3 strobes.

  1. My Keylight is a beautydish. I now think a big SB would have been more appropriate. It aims down at her at a 45° angle.
  2. My backlight is 1/3 of my key light. It’s a bare head of my quadra, B plug. It’s gelled with a CTO.
  3. My third light is a fill. It’s 40cm above the ground aiming straight at a silver reflector

I made just on measurement with my light-meter and I was done and ready to shoot.

woman with flowers in her hair sitting on a chair

My postproduction is only about the skin + background smoothing. No vignette or any kind of other adjustments. I hope this kind of picture will interest new models based in Vienna who want to build their portfolio for free (TFP).

Have a nice Sunday, more to come…



Expressions are everything in a portrait.

It can be a sad expression, a dream-uish expression, a joy, etc…
But you got a catch a moment or the personality to make it work.

What photography is for me is flower and gardening for Ulli.

So I had in mind for a long to shoot her with and among flowers.
Early this summer we shot on location, but the conditions were bad : wind + mosquitos + heat (almost 35°C) made this shot really turn to hell ! But we managed a few shots. We have to make a few as we, photogs, never go home without a game!

DSC_2919-Bearbeitet Kopie
(I had to remove some mosquitos out of the frame)
DSC_2871-Bearbeitet Kopie

This time, I wanted to make something less sophisticated. Ulli, a white background, nice DOF, flowers, done.
It was shot on sunday in our living room. How? Well, I metered the light on her pull-over aiming at the camera. Direct light coming from the window is of course much more stronger so it turned to a huge white softbox. Actually you can see down left a blue strip which happens to be our curtain! I got something like ISO 800; f/4 or f/5,6 ; 1/60 or 1/125.
Many of the shots went a little blurred, but the best pics, just like magic were all sharp enough. And keep in mind, a good one does not always have to be sharp. We had fun, and guess you guys can sense that too. You can click on the pics to see them larger.

.More to come…


Do I Need This?

Do I need this ?

One of life’s rule is : do your best with what you’ve got.
And this applies to photography as well.

So what does that mean exactly?
It is like playing poker: your cards are not so important. What matters is what you do with them. My camera is not important, what I do with it is important.

Do I need high ISO like the DS4? : no
Do I need 15 frames per seconds? : no
Do I need 8000th of a second as shutter speed: no

What I need is to make shots that suit my gears.

To be honest, I love my d700. But I am almost sure I could do the same pictures with my d40x (which is now owned by my brother-in-law).
I love to shoot in studio. I shoot at 1/125s, iso 200, mainly at f/8-f16

And the technical stuff about the colors of the sensor? I don’t get the talks around this topic since as soon as we get the shot, we manipulate everything with filters and Photoshop…

I shoot manly manual. Do I need all the electronic on board since I use my light meter from Sekonic anyway???

So what do I need?

I need a small cam I can take with me most of the time.
I need a sharp lens, the quality is now affordable for most of us
I need a friend, a real one who tells me when my pics suck. And the ones which don’t.
I need inspiration.
I need an idea.
A message…
A story…
An emotion…

More to come…


Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-27 um 19.27.45


PERFECT EFFECTS 8 free for download

The guys at OnOneSoftware (OOS) just made PERFECT EFFECTS 8 free for download.

How long will be this offer available ? I don’t know.
I have downloaded it and I will give it try. And well, Where is the problem, man, it’s free!!!

Here is the link :


I will post in a few weeks  an article about my experience.

More to come…

Today just a shot from the other side!

Looking at stars and stribes !


I could not resist to give it a grungy touch !

Some may say it’s way too much retouched and I almost agree. Is this still a picture or a “paint” ?
Well normally I don’t go so far, but this times I break MY rules.

Jeee, it’s good !


More to come…

Woman in Flowers: small processing in LR 5


Today just a few shots I have edited right now from the shooting of yesterday.

I love the mood and I have to say I really love to combine strobe’s light with natural light.
Again, if you want to see the behind the scene shot, go to the last article. I have made 30 shots, 3 haven’t been rejected and edited, this one of them.
I would have shot more, turning around the model to play with contrasts and backlight, but the mosquitos were so agressive that :

1) This shoot made no fun
2) The expression of the model became a kind of “Ehhh… I have to smile, but I want to run to the car as fast as I can!”


A few words about the processing, mostly done in LR5:

The skin was cleaned with the skin cleaning tool of LR5.
The temperature has been raised up a touch to get this yellowish touch.
In CC, I just made the black borders.
Done in 10 minutes max.

Click here and here to see the other selected pics!

More to come…

Red flowers – Behind the Scene

OK, same day, same location, other problems…

For now, just a behind the scene shot as I am in a hurry and I will edit the shots another day.

Behind the Scene

As you can see, weights are stabilizing the stand against the wind. Which happened NOT to be there in evening. 🙂

What happened was the heat : 34°C !!! And an army of mosquitos
We made it quick, edited pictures will be uploaded on my flickr account.

more to come…