About Me

I am not important.

unbenannte Fotosession-3674-Bearbeitet
iami Beach, NOV 2016

But for the models who are checking on me, I feel the need to write more about me:

Gender? Age? and so on…
I am a man, born in March 1970, I am french, photography is my true passion, my second one is the guitar. I work for a big austrian transport company based in Vienna, Austria. I travel a lot. I am remarried and father of two daughters (Sophie,19 and Louise 1 years old)

What do I love to shoot ?
People. But only with a camera. And most of the time with strobes (flash) on location or in studio.

What gears do I have?
Nikon bodies, a sony (a gift) and a fuji EX1.
A bunch of lenses and zooms
My studio lightings are all from Elinchrom. But when I shoot in Vienna, I go to my Fotoklub which has everything one needs to have for a great shoot.

My favorite music source and style?
Spotify ! I love very different kind of stuff that range from J.S Bach to AC/DC, Stelar Parov (new album was released on march 11th)… depends on the mood.

My favorite photographers?
Avedon for the creativity, Sieff for his B&W nudes, Dave Black for the sport, but for me the one who really flies above the others is Andreas Bitesnich…

Why do I shoot Selfies?
Because models are not always available at the very moment I want to shoot. And sometimes the story is not compelling for models and I don’t want to search them for hours. Sometimes it’s just because it also is a great way to learn how to master the technic. And by doing so you kinda feel what it is to be a model. It’s a lot of going back and forth, but it is worth it !

My Favorite movie?
What women want – Cool story and I love the atmosphere. And If you know what women want, please send me an email, I would pay for the answer!  🙂 And yes, I love groundhog day !

My favorite place ?
Paris? New York? Miami?… hard to tell.

What I would like to be ?
I would like to be someone who never loses his keys, who never forgets where is his cellphone… 🙂

If you are a model checking on me because I sent you a message, please go see my Portfolio and feel free to drop me a line here!


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