This picture was shot at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris while I was waiting for my flight to Vienna, Austria.
I was getting bored as it was late and, I thought I could use this time to make some experiments.
I really love trying things and playing with light. But I also love to play with DOF (2,8 here).

This is a funny way to make a remembrance of moment. Many people go to an airport and make a shot of the gates, the planes or what ever and sometimes I do it too. But actually those are after a while not the pictures I keep in mind. My hand is catching or holding a check-in automated machine.

I guess this is a weired way to see the world. And I confess that I, although I am 43, am still a kind of kid looking around me with a strong curiosity.
Some people seem not to like it.

A few minutes after this shot, a police officer came straight at me and told me to stop taking pictures.

– “Why?” I asked
– “’cause I say so!” he said
– “Hey! Your job to make that folks respect the law. Not to create the law : I haven’t seen any signs forbidding me to make some shots!!!…”
– “You stop, or you will have to follow me!” he said his walkie-talkie in his left hand.

I stopped and got my flight.

That’s the story behind the shot.

More to come…


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